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Certain major life events, which we all experience at one time or another, such as marriage and divorce, a serious illness, or the death of a loved one, can start us questioning our own mortality and thinking about what will happen after we die.

In our rapidly changing world one of the few things that we can be sure of is that one day we will die, and leave our family and friends behind.  It is then inevitable that our thoughts turn to the loved ones we will leave behind.

Questions like ‘Who will look after my children?’ or ‘To whom shall I leave my jewellery?’ can flood into our minds at anxious times.  In spite of this many people for a variety of reasons do not make a Will. 

For some people it is just something they never even consider.   Others may postpone it until after an important forthcoming event such as a marriage or an adoption and then never quite get round to doing it.

This site considers some of the many reasons for making a Will and looks at the choices available today, e.g. D.I.Y. or online Will writers or solicitors.  Also without using too much legal and technical jargon we offer guidelines on the process of writing a Will in How to write a Will

One of the reasons many financially astute people prepare a Will is that they do not wish their hard earned assets to end up in the tax man's coffers.  So we include some advice on Inheritance Tax and legitimate  suggestions for reducing your liability.

Having completed the task of writing your Will it is sensible to review your Will periodically, perhaps every ten years or more particularly after any major change of circumstance.  For example if a beneficiary dies or new stepchildren become part of our lives it is then worth considering altering a Will.


Write your fully legal Will online right now  Make Your WIll


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